Who is the Partner program for?

Agencies & organizations investing in manpower and infrastructure and catering to requirements in the following markets.

Data based

Data entry, cleaning, standardization & processing.

Market Research

Market based surveys and consumer based surveys


Data collection & Data field research based surveys

Quality Audits

Mystery Shopping and Physical audits are also enabled

What are we talking about?

An internet based technological platform which provides access to requirement from multiple companies. Provide controlled access to your employees through our Partner dashboard and monitor every individual’s performance.

  • Always on: >99% uptime so that your business never stops
  • Time-bound pieces of work with clear guidelines and rules for acceptance/rejection/re-work
  • Employee control: Add/remove users anytime
  • Supervisor dashboard for individual performance tracking and work history
  • Fixed payment cycles, multiple payment modes supported
  • Dealing with multiple clients, their timelines and payment cycles
  • Managing downtime and ensuring maximum throughput
  • Unclear requirements leading to re-works
  • Ensuring quality of output


  • You must be an established agency with a minimum active employee count of 10.
  • You must have access to the Internet.
  • You must have valid e-mail IDs for yourself and all your employees
More than 5 agencies with a total manpower of more than 150 people have partnered with us in the last week itself.
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