StintMint Community Manager

The StintMint Community Manager program is a high impact affiliate program aimed at developing curated communities of information workers across geographies while providing valuable experience and benefits to the affiliates themselves. The program is designed to provide a high degree of flexibility to its participants and is ideal for students, part-time workers, field executives, housewives and anyone with a bit of free time on their hands. Currently, StintMint is onboarding Community Managers at various colleges and universities across India. We are looking for passionate and dedicated students like yourselves who value individual independence and care about society to join us in this revolutionary crowdsourcing initiative.
Take on this dynamic role as a StintMint Community Manager and set yourself up for a great career after college.

Think you’re crazy enough to hop in?


  • Strategically identify, train and mentor individuals/communities to benefit from the StintMint platform
  • Promote StintMint among the student body using all marketing channels
  • Regular analysis of the impact of these activities
  • Provide feedback and work with the StintMint Community team to ensure the program’s objectives are met


  • Prospects to move into a full-time role with StintMint
  • Career building experience in marketing, sales, operations, training and development
  • Letter of recommendation from StintMint
  • Visibility on campus and our website/ads, company page, etc.
  • Exciting rewards for valuable contribution
  • Access to exclusive high-paying Stints on our platform

You can be a Community Manager if you:

  • Can commit to 4-6 hours a week for this position
  • Have excellent communication and inter-personal skills and are responsible toward deadlines
  • Are comfortable with approaching people in person for promotions
  • Are good with a sales/pitch-oriented position
  • Like solving problems and are willing to work in a challenging environment
  • Have a proven track record of taking initiative in work or school related projects and taking on positions of responsibility
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